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Prescription Filling/Pharmacy Services

This program is designed for institutions and facilities that do not operate their own pharmacy.

All Contracts include:

  • A full line of Brand, Generic, and OTC pharmaceutical products
  • Professional consultation and educational services to facility staff and end users, as needed
  • Medications provided at Vendor’s Acquisition Cost plus a competitive dispensing fee (additional opportunity available to access MMCAP Infuse's pharmaceutical contract pricing)
  • No shipping charges to most facilities
  • Clinical Pharmacist support from the Vendor, including product recommendations and facility inspections (in most cases)
  • Avoidance of retail pharmacy charges while still maintaining local back-up pharmacies for urgent needs
  • Usage reporting to facilities and data analysis/monitoring by MMCAP Infuse
  • Integration to allow members’ use of other MMCAP Infuse contract programs at the same time (Healthcare Products/Services, Vaccines, Emergency Preparedness)


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