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Emergency Preparedness and Stockpiling

The key to managing disasters is to plan ahead.

MMCAP Infuse has a dedicated staff to assist with disaster preparation, including providing purchasing expertise in stockpiling medications and medical supplies. MMCAP Infuse has successfully negotiated several large antibiotic purchases for members across the country at pricing below the MMCAP Infuse contract price. Other key items, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) that may include gloves, masks, face shields, respirators, protective suits and other related protective items are contracted with MMCAP Infuse's medical supply vendors.

In the event of a disaster, MMCAP Infuse can assist you with sourcing products and placing items on contract. However, if the disaster affects a large area, supply will likely be an issue. Because it is subject to each vendor’s capacity to provide product, MMCAP Infuse cannot guarantee supply in the event of an emergency. Arrangements to guarantee supply must be worked out in advance with the MMCAP Infuse Medical Supply vendors and pharmaceutical distributors.

To further aid in your planning activities, MMCAP Infuse has prepared a list of online resources for members to access local and national information regarding emergency planning.

For pharmacy questions contact Krista McQuaid at and for medical supplies questions contact Christy Fox at 

Helpful Information:

Emergency Preparedness Program Summary

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