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Open RFPs

The following MMCAP Infuse solicitation opportunities are available. If you have any questions about how to access the solicitation, you can email or call the MMCAP Infuse Help Line at 651.201.2420. 

Open RFPs:  

Title: Distribution of Vaccines and Vaccine-related Products
Reference Number:  34056
Instructions: There are three (3) documents associated with this proposal (not including any addendums may have been released). Once you click on each button to download, you MUST insert an email address and click submit. When you’re redirected to the next page, click on the “Thank you” message to download and obtain the RFP documents. These documents are titled with the following:
• Download solicitation PDF and subscribe = Distribution of Vaccines RFP
• Addendum 1 = Data for Non Flu Vaccines
• Addendum 2 = Agreement Template
• Addendum 3 = Word Doc for Section 3 & Exhibits F/G/K
• Addendum 4 = Addendum 1
• Addendum 5 = Addendum 2
IMPORTANT: Although the Data for Non Flu Vaccines and Agreement Template are titled Addendum 1 and Addendum 2, respectively, it is worth noting that these are NOT addendums. System limitations prevented us from changing the naming conventions of these documents. 
Your information will be collected for the purpose of notifying you of any official addendums that may be issued for this solicitation.  If the RFP is further distributed to any other parties that have not downloaded the solicitation from the OSP website and recorded their information, they will not be notified of these addendums.  Not receiving any addendum will not be grounds for protesting the awards made in this RFP. 
Due Date: May 21, 2024 at 2:00pm CT
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