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Open RFPs

The solicitations are available to download on-line at

These solicitations are not being mailed to you.

If you are interested in responding to a solicitation, you are encouraged to do so and should visit the website above for the complete solicitation.  Obtaining the solicitation via the website automatically adds your name to the interested parties’ e-mail distribution list database, through which you will receive e-mail notification of any addenda issued for this solicitation.  It is the vendor’s responsibility, before submitting its response, to verify whether or not any addenda have been issued for this solicitation. Failure to provide all addenda may cause the vendor’s response to be rejected.

If you have any questions about how to download the solicitation, you can call the Office of State Procurement Help Line at 651.296.2600 or email

Open RFPs:

RFP for Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) Systems - Reference Number #30036

RFP for Invoice Auditing Services - Reference Number #30096


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